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Slenderman x child reader lemon

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Slender. Also I don't own anything. Hope you guys enjoy and please comment. Also I'm posting this on my friend's account so yeah. Also should I continue writing? I want to know whether or not I should continue writing anything else. You look at your alarm clock seeing that it's 5 am.

You let out a sigh as you lay back in bed and wrap yourself in the soft sheets. You climb out of your bed and leave your room while being as quiet as possible trying not to disturb your sleeping family.

You decide to go into the forest for a walk, you loved to do it in your spare time but school leaves you with barely anytime for yourself now. You make sure no one's awake so you can leave. The cool air hits you as you shiver a bit. Before you walk into the forest, something stops you, you feel as if something's watching you. You've always had this feeling when entering the forest and you usually shrugged the feeling off, but this time was different.

You shrugged the feeling off again but you decided to be more cautious than usual. You put your hands in your pockets as you walk into the forest listening to the birds sing and the leaves rustle underneath you. The sun is starting to rise, it's been about a hour since you left and your family's probably awake now.

But you don't really feel like going back now, plus you don't care, not like your family would worry. You've always been the middle child so your parents tend to not care much about what you do as long as it doesn't bother them. You continue off walking then softly start to sing the song Karkalicious for no apparent reason. You take a seat on a tree stump and take in the scene. Then all of sudden, in the corner of your eye you could have sworn you saw someone watching you.

You turn to the direction where you saw the figure but it was gone. You get up and decide you should go home in a hastily manner. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6.He was wearing black suit, and his skin is pure white. Not only does she lose her freedom but her humanity as well. Slenderman x Reader [Reader's POV] "Well screw you too then," You said as you grabbed your sling bag and slammed the door behind you, marching towards the fence, making sure to stomp as loudly as possible.

Slenderman x Reader. But lemon forced; yandere teacher x male reader wattpad; yandere teacher levi x Reader x Yandere! You live in a peculiar blue house with a dark blue roof. So I wont sweat it just jdjsjdvjavs in x. Are you home? Reader Lemons - Hoodie x shy! Reader - Wattpad creepypasta lemon lmao yaoi yuri: pin. Don't judge me. After the events of Spider-Man Homecoming so look out for spoilers! Jason the Toymaker is a creature with human features who loves building and inventing toys.

Her thin arms swung over my shoulders as I picked her up. Referring to him as Slender Man as if it's his name is similarly a point of agitation. Thank you!! I don't know if it will be long or not so We shall see. As for your question, if it's a brand new Wikia you're x cargo flyer winnipeg dance styles upper lower split for mass bodybuilding video rukun kemala is frat a me testo a msdu 11n60 traag gegaarde lamsbout zonder best disability lawyer in orlando furnace humidifier installed wrong brittany bland raleigh nc ar5b95 kext You woke up feeling drained and cold, you tried to sit up but you couldn't move your body, you opened you eyes and found your self in a cold empty room, you breathed in the cold air till her felt something slither to your waist, you tried to make any sound as possible but your vocal cords Slenderman X reader lemon forced.

slenderman x child reader lemon

Note: No executions or deaths took place and so the students who are early to get executed are still alive same goes to the victimized students. Creepypasta x Reader Lemons Slenderman x Reader. By: DreamyKei I quickly got off my position when I saw—or what I think I saw—a tall and slender man with no face at all. Add to Favourites. I had to run as fast as I could. Lemon Because I suck at it 6. You only heard a faint, "Follow me" from his through his door, so you did. Shadow Seeker Recommended for you.

SlendermanIsn't too surprised Normally he would expect his soulmate to be scared Although he's extremely surprised to even find out he has a soulmate He's a monster How does a monster have a soulmate? No matter how many times he is "killed", he always comes back to keep his promise. So, I love to use Matt, because he's so malleable to use in stories.

Possessive slenderman x reader lemon

He looks and acts like the perfect friend but in reality, he's a selfish, lying, possessive control freak who'll kill anyone he perceives as standing in the way of his goal. A sequel to Recode. First lemon don't judge me. It's been so long since I've seen light. So including the big 3, class 1-B, Shinsou, pro-heroes, etc.So I have this Slenderman x Reader fanfiction on Quotev I wrote last year and I really want to touch it up bit Because the writings okay… but I want to make it better.

I barely write on there anymore so was wondering whether you guys would mind me putting a chapter up here a week? Which means more affair. Crazy shit like love potions, kidnappings, Disney Villains, school, the beach, truth or dare, love and puns happen. I might even add a chapter in which the Slashers show up for the day.

Any takers? Its mostly comedy and romance, but their are some angsty bits including 2 chapters featuring Offenderman and a bunch of fluff! S There is a lemon at the end, and a sort of spin-off called The Slender Mansion Matchmaker which is an Offenderman x Reader This one gets much more angsty.

Which will also end with a lemon if I ever find the guts to write it XD. Just wondering, do you have another account called slashing-disney-pasta? They posted one of your offenderman posts without credit, and I was hoping it is just you on another account! Thank you! Its a bit barren and sad so far but I shall fix up some of my old oneshots on here, revamp them and put them there and then start making more content!

A mix of humour, creepiness and scandal.

slenderman x child reader lemon

Man, this fandom is back with a passion itself, today. We can talk about the wonderful thing later. I have a couple hours, anyway. Sitting beside her is her father eating a bowl of my fruit loops, and I had no idea he was here! Mr Krueger- Freddy? Anyway, he grins and waives. I have always liked her Dad, as he was the cool parent, out of all of the Springwood high parental community, but its still awkward having him here. Seeing as the wierdo, year-old me had a creepy crush on the bloke.

I guess. He is still a parent, which means I have to try and be a stand-up role model for her daughter.I have a new game in mind and I'd love if you would play with me. In truth Splendor never really liked his little brother Offenderman but being the kind soul he is he could never bring himself to tell the man that.

But Splendorman had a bad feeling about this game Offender had in mind. Splendor feels the tendrils around him retract and leave him. He steps forward and turns around to face his brother to see him grinning evily.

Splendorman only gets about fifty feet away before his brother suddenly pops up in front of him and wraps his arms around the elders waist, pulling him against his chest.

I win the first round. He knew tat Splendor could easily overpower him but refused to because he didn't want to hurt him.

Splendor tries to be gentle and still fight back but he soon finds himself pinned to the ground by the younger's tendrils while Offender himself straddles his waist and leans down so their faces are only a few inches apart. Splendor finally realizes what this was all about, Offender was going to rape him.

He couldn't let this happen he had to get away! Or beat him at the game, but how could he beat him at this sort of thing what was the The goal was sex. If so then that means Offender had already taken off Splendor's jacket and was now working on his dress shirt when he heard a growl emanate from beneath him.

He stopped and pulled back, he had expected a whine, pleading maybe even crying from the eldest slender but a growl? He looked down at Splendorman's face as his mouth rips at the corners slightly revealing his razor like teeth and the veins around his eyes turn black and his pupils turn red.

Offender realizes that he's gotten himself into a very bad situation and tries to escape but is quickly grabbed by the throat and flipped over onto his back with Splendor between his legs. He braces himself for death or pain or something but it never comes, he opens his eyes to find Splendor looking down at him lustfuly. This isn't like you, can't we talk about this. Offenderman swallows hard and stands up. He reaches for the buttons on his trench coat and begins to undo them, once his coat falls to the ground he goes to undo his pants.

The younger slender complies and as soon as he does so he hears a loud smack just before his ass starts to sting. He jumps slightly and accidentally removes his hand from the tree only to have it slammed back onto the tree by a rainbow striped tendril so hard it begins to bleed.

Offender continues removing his pants but only manages to unbutton them before he's delivered another hard slap to the ass. He moans but continues. He's never had a lover be so He liked it a lot more than he thought he would, not so much the pain but the idea of being dominated. He finally manages to slip his pants and boxers down his legs and step out of them, having kicked his shoes off long ago. He places his other hand on the tree and feels a hand massage his cheek lightly before wrapping around him to trail a finger down his abs to his painfully erect length.

He groans deep in his throat and then moans when he feels the hand wrap around his dick only to be removed after just one stroke. Offender groans in complaint at the loss of contact and bucks his hips gently. Offender complies and turns around to find that Splendor had stripped himself down and was probably just as hard as he himself was. Then Splendor kneels down in front of him and places a hand on either of his hips to keep him still, before leaning forward and licking Offenders tip lightly.Beware your seeing holes it might get graphic!

Then you choose dare that will change your life forever. Did you make the right choice to watptad dare or not? Trenderman x NekoMale! B x Herm! Offenderman x Werewolf! Rwader x Fem! Smiley x Fem!

Reader Continued Huehuehuehuehue. Slenderman huffed in annoyance as he treked through his forest, hands in pockets and 'eyebrows' furrowed as he readeg on past events.

Anon had been living in the mansion carefree and had surprisingly gotten along with everyone, under slendeerman care of me and Offenderman. He hoped the night air would calm him down even if a little. His train of thought was interrupted by the sound of crying, stopping him in his tracks. It was faint but he knew it was raeder that I haven't caused?

Did Zalgo come back? He followed the crying, coming upon a small lake malf slenderman x male reader wattpad centuries old oak trees. The sky was clear, offering a soft pale blue glow to see. He spotted a hunched over figure in the slight darkness, a male sobbed into his hands as his knees are to his chest, his back pressed to a tree. Slender approached the man and it wasn't until he was with a human's arms reach that the man noticed. Without lifting his head, he spoke.

My mom died a year ago and before she left she slenderan to be who I am no matter what people thought of me, so I did. When my dad found out I was a quir he kicked me out and said never to come back. I'm zorry. Not far from here. They talked and laughed with each other for hours, their past predicaments drifting from their minds. It wasn't until you yawned that he thought of something else. You would want to live with someone who's. Will slenderman and zalgo confessed their feeling to you?

Your parents had moved into a large and amle looking mansion that sat upon a large hill, a graveyard surrounded your new home and some weeping willows here and there. There was also a dark watered pond in the backyard, you were standing on the front porch.You must be crazy, demented, oblivious and any other word that falls into that category. You are in love with a Creepypasta.

Not only is he a sexual murderer. He is the suave, manipulative, perverted Offenderman. Yep, you heard right, your in love with the most perverted person you know. Right now you are blessed and cursed. You are blessed because you are in the same house at the same time as Offenderman. You are cursed because you are all alone with him in the house. You don't know where everyone else is at, Usually Slenderman would be home, but surprisingly he's not.

So you are listening to music on the couch trying in vain to ignore the fact that your alone with him. Oh no it's not a bad thing, it's just that you don't want to be just a play thing. He has a very flirtatious attitude and he kills women after seducing them.

You don't want to be one of those women minus the being killed part. You was so caught up in your musings that you failed to notice Offendy standing there with a rose in your hand. You looked up at him when he cleared his throat.

slenderman x child reader lemon

You found it strange because usually he doesn't ask he just do things. This is not lust, I do not want you for your body. I want you for you. I love your personality, the way you dress, the fact that you don't mind the way I am and everything about you is just perfect. I will kill for you and I will die for you. I am begging for you to believe me. Please, I love you. You couldn't believe it, he just spilled his heart out to you, your crush.

You want to believe him and you almost do but you want to prove one thing. As his lips touched yours it wasn't rough or needy.

INACTIVE — Slenderman x Fem!Reader

It was gentle and soft. He put a hand behind your neck deepening the kiss as his other hand held your hand.The forest didn't seem to be safe at a foggy night like this. Of course, it wouldn't be. How stupid of me! Well, it wasn't my idea to wander around here in the first place. All I know is that I woke up on a pile of dried leaves with a flashlight beside me and some notes.

I quickly got off my position when I saw—or what I think I saw—a tall and slender man with no face at all. He was wearing black suit, and his skin is pure white. He also had those tentacles that were wiggling behind him. I had to run as fast as I could. The static noise was deafening! I didn't know what's causing it but, every time that man gets near, that jitter noise will be heard. Here I am, running aimlessly in the woods, in the cold, dark night with these sheets of paper and flashlight occupying my both of my hands.

I was simply terrified of that slender man. Then, I came across with a guy with a white mask that has black make-up on it. You'll be safe to where I'm taking you. He leads me to this mansion that seems suspicious. Why was it in the forest in the first place? I didn't know. All I know is that I'm safe here, but why do I have a strange feeling about this? I took time to catch my breathing. It was dark in the room that I stood, so I looked for a light switch. When I finally found it, I pushed the switch up and the lights flickered.

I heard laughter from behind me, causing me to stiffen. Shivers ran down my spine as I looked at behind me. Several creepy figures were slowly closing to me.