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Zane x reader angst

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Originally posted by koshydobrik. Looking at David I shrug it off. He takes a deep breath as the guy straps him in and hooks him up to the machine. I take my focus off of him as Zane sits down next to me, allowing me to relax against him.

But I look past him and over to the far side of the room where Liza is quietly sat. Is your name David Dobrik? I watch as his eyes flicker between the screen and David who remains straight-faced, emotionless. But I am completely still, not feeling any excitement due to his expression. His lack of smiles or laughs.

I focus on him behind the laptop. His left eyebrow rises and I feel my hand tightening in Zanes. Zane looks down at me and rubs my hand lightly. We all know he does. But why is this question making me so anxious?

It takes him too long to answer. I lower my head, trying to hide the disappointment in my expression that I know everyone can sense. Zane takes my hand in his and gives it a tight squeeze. Turning my head I see Liza sat down next to Alex.

She too is silent and staring directly at him. He stutters, before shaking his head keeping his gaze locked with mine. He knows it is giving up on the idea of love.Why Fake It? Who, Me? Unrelenting SMUT. Happy with the new photoshoot you did with your friend Jack, you felt confident.

The shoot was in your bedroom, in your real house, and turned out really beautiful. Not giving anyone a heads up, you posted. Smiling to yourself, you got chills on your stomach, making a promise to not look how many likes or comments for at least two hours. You just left a meeting with your manager, which ended up 40 minutes earlier than expected. Not having much to do until you had to meet David at his house, you decided to grab some Chipotle and meet him sooner than expected. David was your closest friend, you spent time together most of the week, you were always on the vlogs and trusted each other with your deepest secrets and desires.

Took less than 20 minutes for you to arrive. Parking out front, you loved how silent your own Tesla was, a gift from David himself, one of the best moments of your life. You helped yourself inside, holding your handbag and the food. The first thing you saw was David on the couch, wearing a black hoodie from his merch. You slowly put down your bag and the food, trying your best not to make any sound, took your shoes off and tippy toed towards the couch. I want to fuck you so hard, yeah, suck my dick, just like that.

Oh, shit, yeah just like that, suck it all. Once you realize what David was saying, you froze in your place. Oh my god. Curiosity got the best of you and you wanted to see who was the picture on his phone, inspiring him to jerk off so intensely. Then you recognized it. The photo. It was you. That was your sexy photoshoot that you just posted 20 minutes ago. David was jerking off thinking about you. You saw everything in slow motion.I love Zane so this was a lot of fun for me!

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zane x reader angst

He constantly texted her and called her, wanting to hang out. When it was the three of them, she could tell that Zane was pretending to be normal. Laughing along with the jokes his friends were making. Whenever their eyes would meet, he would wink and she would shake her head, looking away.

But when it was just the two of them, he was constantly flirting with her. Telling her how pretty she looked that day. Finding any reason to touch her, whether it be letting his hand linger on hers when they both reached for the radio or brushing a stray piece of hair behind her ear and leaving his hand pressed against her cheek. She flirted back too but never got too invested, playing the long game. It was hard because she had to fight the urge she had to tell him how she felt. After denying her feelings for so long, the thought of him finally reciprocating them made her heart race.

Things quickly went back to their normal rhythm between the two of them. The flirting was the only new thing. At least she was more aware of how he flirted back. He was always flirtatious before but never towards her, only their other friends. According to him, he was taking a much needed break from editing by scrolling through his social media.

He was at a party with a bunch of Instagram models and Mike. It showed Matt making out with one of the models that they were with. That was not something that she would be okay with if they were in a real relationship.

I mean Jesus Christ does he not know how good you are! Some Instagram girl? He stopped his pacing, running his hand over his face. She stood up from the couch, crossing over to him. I just meant like my best friend. Zane watched her carefully, examining her face for any trace of emotion but he found none. A girl whose boyfriend just cheated on her very publicly should be upset.

She just looked annoyed.In the Best of Ways, My Dear. Sensual Dancing part 1 part 2. Tummy Ache. Cake By the Ocean featuring Natalie Mariduena. Let Me part 1 part 2 part 3. Sugar Daddy David. Subby Headcannon. High Horse. Fluffy Sugar Daddy. Getting David Away From Editing. Headcannon Game A-Z. Nipple Piercings. The Succ. Bathroom Sex. Hittin It. Watching It Jiggle. Subby Blurb. Thigh Riding you david. Lovesac Sex. Red Soles.

Slightly Embarrassed. Role Play. Pie of the Cream Kind - Part 2 - Part 2. Kiwi lol. Chipotle Virgin. Happy Birthday. Lips of An Angel. Grow a Pair.Age : 27 and still too old for anything except liquor Status What happens when you mix your special day and a mischievious blue-eyed Gundam pilot?

What happens when you mix your special day and a mischievous blue-eyed Gundam pilot? What happens when you mix your special day and a mischievous blue-eyed Gundam?

Version 2. He knew his surroundings well and used them to his advantage. After all, he always gets what he wants in the end It's not what they all think It's not what you think It's what Fate wants What does it take for you to keep your job at Kaiba Corp.?

Some discipline from Mr. Seto Kaiba himself You weren't sure what to do about the way you felt about him. All you knew was that you didn't want to break the friendship and you hoped he would feel the same. You were the only one who volunteered to help Duo make the preparations for the pool party. At least something got done. Your summer was anything but lazy All because of one guy and his gang of friends They changed your definition of a lazy summer forever!

Quatre R. We all knew who he was.

zane x reader angst

It just wasn't the man we thought we knew A drive for power and recognition that all personal love is lost in the conflict. The end result That's all he ever cared for Seto Kaiba X Reader. Login Search Help Desk.

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Birthday 1. Summary: What happens when you mix your special day and a mischievious blue-eyed Gundam pilot? Summary: What happens when you mix your special day and a mischievous blue-eyed Gundam pilot?

Birthday 2.He chose to chase his dream in the city of angels. Like anyone would. As the weeks turned into months, and months turned into years, she watched his success grow. His friends.

His happiness. His new girlfriend. She herself graduated college, had a great job, had a great new boyfriend, and still has time to stay connected with all her friends from high school. Her boyfriend fully supported her decision and together they moved out to Los Angeles.

Her company put her up in a nice apartment in Sherman Oaks, a few blocks from her new office. After about a month of living in California, her boyfriend takes her to the happiest place on earth, Disneyworld.

He takes her to the Magic Castle at dusk, right before the firework show is about to begin. She marvels at the beauty of it all, while he is only marveling at her beauty. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. They leave Disneyland, happy as can be and decide to go to Hollywood Blvd and celebrate till the morning light.

An old man with a loudspeaker, a bunch of black video cameras being held in the air, and a truckload of teenage girls screaming and taking selfies.

Open Forum — 1 Sided Love - Part 4

The first boy she ever kissed, held hands with, dated, and shared her first time with. The first girl he ever kissed, held hands with, dated, and had sex with. I regret it every day. She walks right past him. Both catching one last glimpse. Both silently vowing never to see each other again, not wanting to ruin what they each have.

I hummed in agreement, busting myself with filling up water balloons. David looks up at me to see why I was making so much noise unraveling the water hose.Request: Can you please write about the reader being super close with david could be friendship or dating and out of the blue he starts distancing himself that even the vs are weirded out, i need some angst!! Alright, enjoy! You took full responsibility of the organization tasks and all the shenanigans of making it a surprise party for Brandon but the whole idea was crumbling fast and you were honestly surprised.

David was making it extremely hard for you: saying he was going to pick you up and then cancel on you. Promising to bring something then forgetting. You were getting real annoyed and mad.

Aaron x Reader (part 1)//Mystreet Lover Lane\\

You knew he was tired, but he never was this… indifferent. That one in front of you made you incredible uncomfortable. Maybe he was right. Maybe you crossed a line and was taking advantage of him and his good natured personality. Something was up with your best friend and you were going to find out what it was. He stepped away, letting you get out of the room first. The party was a success, Brandon was happy and flattered.

By am everybody was gone, except for Todd, Zane, David, Natalie and you. Natalie and David lived there, you were cleaning up the place like a crazy person. Todd and Zane were helping you with whatever they could.

David had a special charm, he always made people forget whatever they were doing to tag along in his adventures. Todd and Zane were excited as soon as they heard the plan and left with David soon after.

You heard everything from the living room, Natalie was helping you clean. You frowned, she shrugged, she was friends with David but their whole friendship involved tolerating each other and helping each other out. They were not like you and David. When the house was spanking clean, you checked your phone to call an Uber.

It was am. You had two missed calls. One from Todd, one from Scott.

zane x reader angst

And two texts. You called the Uber first, then opened the first one. It was from Scott, the second, from, Todd. The next two days were very hectic for you, you worked a lot, from moon to moon, on purpose.

You felt weird, a weird feeling in your stomach. In the house there was a disaster. Backpacks on the floor, bags, clothes, people running around. You looked at the scene in confusion.

The One Where Zane Finds Out - Zane Hijazi

You looked at him, with a question in your face. This is so bizarre. Wherever you go, David goes. And the other way around. Are you mad at each other?